An Austin Day w/ the Nocticron

My final try with Micro 4/3rds

I’ve been heavily debating a video system to complement my Leica for photos.  I’ve been convinced Micro 4/3rds isn’t going to cut it, but wanted to give a set of lenses one mast shot on my G7 and GH4 before preparing to sell.  I ordered a set from to complement the existing 50mm 1.4, Olympus wide angle and kit lens I had, testing the below lenses.

Sigma 30mm f/1.4 DC DN

Voigtlander 10.5mm f/0.95 Nokton

Panasonic Leica 12mm f/1.4 ASPH

Panasonic Leica 42.5mm f/1.2 OIS

and tested my M-Mount glass with an adaptor.

The only one that impressed me (or that I would consider using), was the excellent 42.5 Nocticron, which shot all of the pics below (on the Panasonic GH4).  Unbelievable color, focal separation and performance.  If this quality was available in the other Panasonic/Leica lens combos (it definitely was not the same on the 12mm), I would have considered sticking with Micro 4/3rds.  As it is, doing a Sony evaluation in the next few weeks, as in research I’ve seen the various M-mount glass performs much better (it was embarassing on the Panasonics).

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