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    Art of Ice Cream

    Not many popups come through Austin, but when they do, our son loves them.  Shot these on a combo of the Sony A7iii (which stopped working on me after about 30 minutes) and the Leica M240 with a 57mm Petz.   More

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    Mt Joy at Antones

    I was mostly shooting video last night at Antones for Mt Joy, but I also wanted to test out the A7 iii for photography.  These photos we’re shot with Voigtlander 50mm f 1.5 using an adapter and the Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art.  If you’re not familiar with Mt Joy, check them out on Spotify!   More

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    Leica Posts 1k Views in Austin, Leica, Photography Austin Gem and Rock Show 1.3k Views in Austin, Leica, Photography The Thinkery Austin 1.6k Views in Cars, Leica, Photography Slamedenuff Texas 1.3k Views in Austin, Leica, Photography Tillery St & East Side Succulents 1.8k Views in Austin, Leica, Photography Surf Session 2k Views in Leica, Photography [...]
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    The Thinkery Austin

    If you have kids in Austin, the Thinkery is a godsend.  A year membership is something like $80 and gives you unlimited visits with your child and parents, which we make great use of.  On a rainy day last weekend, Marni and I alternated on the Leica M240 with the amazing Voigtlander 50mm F 1.5 […] More

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    An Austin Day w/ the Nocticron

    I’ve been heavily debating a video system to complement my Leica for photos.  I’ve been convinced Micro 4/3rds isn’t going to cut it, but wanted to give a set of lenses one mast shot on my G7 and GH4 before preparing to sell.  I ordered a set from Lensrentals.com to complement the existing 50mm 1.4, […] More

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    First Two Shots With the Mavic 2 Pro

    Overall — impressed.  But the drone is missing my favorite Mavic Pro feature, the portrait mode camera tilt change to shoot vertical photo and video.  These are crops of horizontal shots.   More

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    Fareground Austin

    Fareground has become an Austin staple for us.  It’s a food-court location where many of the great restaurants around town (Dai Due, Easy Tiger and others) have simple outposts. The outside area is a sprawling modern hangout area that’s easy for kid’s to run amok.   Best served for parties that have eaters that want different […] More

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