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︎Normalize It

︎General Research

Oren Schauble most recently built and was the President of public cannabis company, Unrivaled Brands, a brand house for west coast cannabis. Prior to that, he worked as a product development and marketing executive specializing in regulated and luxury products, including helping to establish the consumer drone product channel in big box retail across the world.

Oren now serves as an advisor to Unrivaled, he is a partner in two product development agencies (one engineering focused, one consumer products focused), and also advises and invests in businesses creating products and enabling product creation.

⟨🛠️⟩ Builders Build

Topic 1


A Top 100 entrepreneurship podcast about building businesses, products and interesting lives from Colin Landforce (@landforce), Oren Schauble (@orenmeetsworld) and James Camp (@jamesoncamp).


⟨Ƈ⟩ Futurism 

Topic 2

The transformation curve is accelerating right in front us. Small-scale singularities are making niches of the world ever-less recognizable.  Humanity is knocking on the door of cyberpunk utopia and dystopia, and we’re going to live through it. The future will be nothing like what we were promised, it will be far stranger.  


Normalize It 

Topic 3

The legal future of cannabis can right past societal wrongs and unlock a more enjoyable and healthier human condition.


General Research

Topic 4

For the curious, life centers around this cycle: learning, experience, ideation, discourse, repeat.


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