Hey, I’m Oren.

Quick facts— I was raised in Hawaii, I worked agency-side as a Creative Director in New York, client-side as VP or Marketing and VP of Sales at tech companies at Austin, and yes, I was in a band, and it was weird.

Nowadays, I’m one of the founding partners at Guinn Partners, we’re a 20 person marketing and product development agency in Austin.  Our focus is on emerging technology, wellness and the outdoors, and we’ve done some awesome projects like—launching manned aircraft, marketing electric hydrofoil surfboards, rebranding the largest source of global data on the web and making many awesome brands, website, social campaigns and viral videos along the way.

There, now we know each other, we can get down to it.

I make a lot of content on marketing.  I also make a lot of content on wellness.  I’m not selling courses, or trying to be a guru, I just enjoy creating and providing value, and people seem to enjoy reading and watching what I create.

Dive in, join the newsletter, shoot me a line on some topics, and I appreciate you checking in!