A quick glimpse inside our video content and why you’ve seen Colin Guinn and I make so much of it recently. As we talk with brand after brand, we always recommend content, content, content. Tell your users story, enable your customers with guides and resources, share your ideas and voice, and put those stories into a communications framework through email and social media that is built to succeed.  This year, we realized we were giving that advice but not taking it ourselves, so we took the plunge— we’re putting out videos weekly, and books and reports whenever we can finish something truly valuable. And it’s been transformative for our business, after less than two months, following all the same rules and techniques we lay out for clients on projects. What do we consider to be good results? These are the stats from Colin Guinn‘s video from Friday – our PSA that drone hardware is not dead, shot in one take, edited in iMovie in less than 10 minutes, no advertising spend. We pay close attention to the companies, the titles and the places that respond. This is the data that helps us understand how we inform the conversation, and where we need to focus our next messages.

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