Chlorophyll Water 

This is basically a new and improved Smart Water for the generation that cares about what is put in their liquids. No sugar, surprisingly refreshing and a proven jet-lag cure. The bottle design gives quality IG shots, looks great IRL and creates those “what is that?” moments. It’s the perfect beverage choice for 2019.


District Vision

I trail run 5-15 miles a week in the summer and walk another combined 5-15 miles outside while taking conference calls and chasing after my three-year-old. That means, I also wind up squinting at least half the time due to the natural brutal nature of the Texas sun.  District Vision makes running sunglasses that are super light and stay on well. Also recommend getting the $20 strap specifically for runners— It’s easy to tell they’ve really thought through the actual experience of running in the sun and made these specifically for that.


Muscle Goo CBD

Yes, CBD is in everything now, but Muscle Goo is more than that. It’s the millennial answer to Icy Hot, Biofreeze and Bengay– and it happens to contain CBD too.  Their ingredients include 19 essential oils, so it smells amazing. 200mg of CBD for maximum post-workout relaxation, plus a ton of quality ingredients for muscle soreness relief. Perfect for exercise-related soreness relief at night, the morning after, or before your next workout. I would buy this by the mason jar if that was an option.



I picked up a G2 Pro, and it’s by far the best $400 I’ve invested in my health in the last ten years. It’s SUPER loud, but the newer models significantly reduce the noise. I can work out my own leg and lower back pain I get after the gym. Some areas may be easier to have someone else reach, but a five minute session on my back and my shoulders removed knots I’ve carried around since high school. Friends will drop by my house real quick just to use the Theragun when they are in pain. During the week, I keep it in my car so I can just work out a particular body pain whenever I need to and go about my day unencumbered. Highly recommend this tool– especially for the over 30 crowd, as a body knot solution. It’s amazing.

Breo iNeck 3

This is a portable massager that is ergonomic, good looking, has multiple massage modes, and heat.  Drop it on, put on Headspace, and have a great 10 minutes. I’ve bought approximately 8 airport neck pillows, none of which were amazing, and none of which I can ever locate again for the next flight– will be bringing this with me for the next one.


Never save anything for the swim back.